*Limited "ADE" Edition* 16GB BBC USB 3.0 Bottle Opener

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Super limited number of Berlin Bass Collective flash drives produced for ADE 2017. This sleek, aluminum-bodied, 16 GB USB 3.0 flash drive is super fast (perfect for use with Rekordbox and CDJs), works as a bottle opener, fits on your key ring, and is pre-loaded with the .wav files of the first four Berlin Bass Collective releases PLUS the first two Smooth Operators releases!

1 USB drive + 1 bottle opener key chain + 6 EPs in .wav format all tagged and ready to play

So you get:
- super sick, super functional 16GB USB 3.0 drive that ALSO OPENS BEERS!
- BBC-001 "Sound of Berlin Bass Collective Vol 1" EP from Brian Ring & Bridge Guy (.wav files)
- BBC-002 "Don't Just Keep Me" EP by Justin Ramsey (.wav files)
- BBC-003 "Sunshine Comes After Rain" EP by Epehemral (.wav files)
- BBC-004 "Random Control" EP by Kez YM (unmastered / whitelabel version - .wav files)
- SMOOP-001 "Smooth Operators Vol 1: Charlie Smooth" by Charlie Smooth (.wav files)
- SMOOP-002 "Born for the Night" by Funky Espresso (.wav files)
- **instant street cred as a legit member of the Berlin house scene

**(not guaranteed with each purchase... some restrictions apply)